Join The MLi Group Poli-Cyber™ Security & Innovator Meet Accelerator / Investor “iMai™” Summits, Hosted by London Campus, a Google Space, February 1 & 2, 2016.

Day 1 Summit: The New Poli-Cyber Security Threats Impacting All ! Are You Prepared?

Day 2 Summit: Innovator MEET Accelerator / Investor, “iMai™"  Click here for iMai Website

Part of the MLi Group Global Summit Series, GSS: "Prepare For The New MiLE™"

Limited Speaking and Sponsorship opportunities remain available.

Contact us at Summits (@) MLiGrp.com with your interest.

Who Should Attend? 

Businesses, NGOs, Civil Society, Governments, Regulators, Innovators, Startups and Entrepreneurs. Those with new solutions and innovations to existing and new problems that serve the needs of local communities and meet commercial and philanthropic goals, especially in emerging markets. Also, Investors, Mentors, Accelerators and Partners who want to enable innovators in this space.

Why Should Your Organisation / Company Support / Sponsor MLi Group Summits?

If finding and inspiring new socially responsible commercial and philanthropic opportunities that motivate people to act, and lift others, especially in emerging markets, out of poverty & desperation is close to your ethos, then your support and sponsorship will not only be well received but well rewarded. By sponsoring our summits you help empower people to help themselves with much needed new knowledge and guidance while helping us create new opportunities and solutions in new markets which you become part of and may benefit from.

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Join the MLi Group & Google for the

MLi Group  Poli-Cyber Security & Innovator Meet Accelerator/Investor “iMai™” London Summits

Day 1 Summit:

The New Poli-Cyber Security Threats Will Impact Everyone!     Are You Prepared?

  Day 2 Summit:

Innovator MEET Accelerator / Investor, “iMai”

                                      Part of the MLi Group Global Summit Series “GSS

                                 1-2 February, 2016   Hosted by Google London Campus                               


 Global paradigms that stakeholders have long relied upon to make strategic and operational decisions have been turned upside down in the last two years. Brand new political and cyber security issues, “Poli-Cyber threats” are happening at an unprecedented scale.  These large threats are malicious enough to compromise nuclear programs, render oil refineries inoperable, and take billion-dollar websites offline (not to mention smaller ones). Recent events confirm that no one is immune. Critically, the old ways of doing things and mitigating threats are failing daily.  Join us and learn what the new threats and risks are, how they will impact you, and learn of new solutions and actions you need to take to be better prepared.    

Call to action!

 The Multilingual Internet Group, MLi Group, is fostering these global summit initiatives to address the new Poli-Cyber threats on Day 1 by bringing local, regional and international experts and stakeholders from across all sectors of society to tackle these new threats. We will also be convening an Innovator MEET Accelerator/Investor Summit (iMai) on Day 2 to make entrepreneurs part of the new solution to these cyber security threats.  Join us at these two-day summits in the heart of London and thereafter at locations around the world and become part of the new solution.



The New Poli-Cyber Security Threats Will Impact Everyone!     Are You Prepared?

  • Has cyber warfare redefined the future of business and conflict forever?
  • Are we in the midst of a silent cyber war Zone or in full cyber WWIII?

  •  Is either still preventable? 

The Summit will tackle the roles of innovation, technology, business, regulation, corporate and personal citizenship and social responsibilities in mitigating cyber threats. And more specifically the political cyber (“Poli-Cyber”) threats in the new Multilingual internet and Landscape Ecosystem, “MiLE

A day that will dissect how new political “Poli-Cyber” threats are already impacting stakeholders worldwide and will impact you and your industry if you are unprepared.  

Crucial topics include:

- Identifying the new Poli-Cyber Security threats fuelled by extremist ideologies,

Also addressing:

  • Child Protection Online
  • New Corporate & Social Roles and Responsibilities

  • Other critical topics facing the new MiLE  

These subjects will be addressed by local, regional, and global experts and stakeholders from all sectors of society.



 “iMai” – Innovator Meet Accelerator/Investor  Summit

Join and observe local innovators pitching their new solutions and ideas to investors and accelerators at our “Innovator Meet Accelerator/Investor (“iMai”) session. This unique initiative run by MLi Group in partnership with Oxygen Startups in the UK to empower, support and fund innovation and innovators to create solutions to existing and new local and global problems and challenges.

INNOVATORS & STARTUPS who wish to join, pitch and participate in the one-day programme or want to find out more can apply here. 

MENTORS, INDUSTRY EXPERTS & INVESTORS interested in joining and supporting this programme and working with our innovators and start-ups can send us their Expression of Interest (EOI) here